After the rain

Pokolbin Purple

After the rain

After two weeks of drizzling rain – storming rain – looking like rain – we finally have some clear and muggy weather.

I’m in trouble with my vineyard manager for putting the cows in the harvested vineyard as I don’t like seeing the knee high feed going to waste when so many friends are doing it tough further west. On strict orders, the cows have now been removed and the vineyard slashed.

The grass is growing crazy – but so are the weeds.

The sun is shining, so today is a perfect excuse to don the summer dress, toss on the farm boots and head out to pull some Fireweed. Fireweed is a prolific growing plant that causes kidney failure in stock. Animals won’t eat it unless there is absolutely nothing else, but I would still prefer it absentee itself from my property. Unfortunately the only way to remove it is by pulling … fortunately it’s a great excuse to get out in the paddocks, the fresh air, get some exercise and commune with the wildlife.

The Lantana and thistles have also been given a hammering this last year and I’m now onto tackling the Paddy’s Lucerne and Patterson’s Curse.

The best method of weed control in organic farming is to keep on top of the seed production – but soil improvement is also a major factor as weeds tend to get a foothold in pastures that are overworked and in poor condition. We are slowly getting there. The soils weren’t produced in a day – but it’s amazing how much improvement we can achieve in a year.

Farewell Fireweed.

Here’s to great wine, food and friends


Posted by Liz