The garlic is planted!

All 7,000 cloves (give or take a dozen) with no major incidences – asides from the unexpected green-ant-down-the-shirt episode that almost ended in mid-paddock nudity.  Hilarious, apparently, if you weren’t the bite-ee.


The only hiccup was while moving a large hay round onto the tractor, we uncovered a large black snake inn hiding. Craig, the shorts wearer, leapt back around 10 feet.  I just froze quietly, and we let the snake exit stage left before continuing the mulch laying.  That is the reason why I insist on wearing jeans and gumboots in the paddocks regardless of the weather.

The path to deciding a planting method was a little convoluted.  Craig conjured up several hand operated contraptions in the machinery shed but, at the end of the day, walking up and down the beds with a length of tube to drop the cloves down into the harrowed rows worked best … although the neighbour did ask why I spent three days playing the digaredoo in the bottom paddock.  Hoping next year we’ll have a tube clove-dropping system attached to the back of the tractor.

The garlic is all planted.  The irrigation is laid and ready to be connected to the pump line.  The mulch is laid thick and luscious over the beds to suppress the weeds.  And we require those sensational kneading fingers of Tracey at Magic of Massage.

Here’s to great wine, food and friends


Posted by Liz