Italian Purple
One Kilo – not available

Italian Purple
One Kilo – not available


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Product Description

None available – sorry.  Due to wild climatic swings, during the few weeks that the day length triggers bulb formation, across most of the main growing areas of NSW and Victoria, most garlic varieties from the Turban group (of which Italian Purple is one) shot additional leaves –  hairy tops – rather than producing bulbs.  We lost 70% of our crop due to this anomaly and does mean that Australian garlic may be difficult to find this year

A Turban hardneck garlic with white and purple outer skins and mild burgundy cloves. This variety has a lingering and mellow flavour.

The garlic will still store well and taste delicious.Stores well for 4-6 months.

We apologise that due to quarantine regulations, we can only ship to NSW, ACT, QLD and VIC. Delivery is made by Australia Post and we will send your order on the first Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday following your order.  This prevents your garlic sitting at the depot over the weekend. Price includes postage and handling.

All our whole garlic bulbs will come in their dried wrapper. The cloves within are the various striking red or purple colours of the individual varieties.