How long will my garlic last?

Assuming you haven’t eaten and shared all your delicious garlic – hardneck varieties will store for 5-8 months before sprouting, and softnecks will store for up to 10 months (if not longer under ideal conditions).

Sprouting garlic can still be eaten, but does lose it’s intensity of flavour.

The optimum storage condition is a well ventilated area, preferably left in the open shipping box. On top of the fridge, or on top of a cupboard, is an ideal location.

Do not store garlic in the fridge unless you intend to use it within the week. Garlic can be frozen but will become mushy upon defrosting.

Why is Australian grown garlic better?

The consumption of fresh garlic in Australia is around 3,500 tonnes per annum, however, only around 500 tonnes is actually produced here. Organically grown garlic is even rarer.

The balance of garlic consumed in Australia is imported from countries such as China, Spain and Brazil. To meet quarantine requirements, and extend shelf live, imported garlic is sprayed with growth inhibitors and methyl bromide. The garlic is also usually bleached to white with chlorine.

Imported garlic is often grown using pesticides, herbicides, fertilisers and agricultural practices that are now banned in Australia.

With our pesticide and herbicide free, organically grown garlic, with reduced transport miles and guaranteed freshness – we would love you to support the Australian garlic industry and buy Pokolbin Purple Garlic.

Is garlic good for me?

Garlic is amazingly good for your health. Recent studies have concluded that fresh garlic is beneficial for heart, lung and circulatory conditions, as well as certain cancers. Fresh garlic also has natural anti-bacterial and fungal properties.

Why does your garlic bulb roots have dirt on them?

Our garlic is organically grown with no use of chemicals or bleaches.

Our garlic is dug from the rich clay and volcanic soils of the mid Hunter Valley and brushed to remove the excess dirt. The roots are then trimmed and the garlic is hung to dry naturally, leaves and all.

Once dried, the outer wrappers are brushed off to expose a clean garlic bulb. The leaves are then trimmed, ready for shipping. However a small amount of dirt will almost always cling to the trimmed root base – these roots are how you can tell you are buying genuine Australian garlic – and will not harm the taste or storage of the garlic in any way.

When you have used all the cloves off your delicious bulb, put your root base in the compost and enjoy the inclusion of a little piece of rich Pokolbin Wine Country in your own soil.

Can I plant your garlic?

Certainly. Keep the bulb whole until mid Autumn (end March to early April) then carefully break the bulb into cloves. Plant the cloves around 2cm deep – pointy end up. Mulch to 10cm deep. Keep the ground slightly moist, but not wet, and the area weed free.

By early the following summer you should have a delightful garlic harvest. Harvest your garlic when around half the leaves have browned off, trim the roots and hang to dry.